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About Birdseed Kitchen

photo of Rachel from Birdseed KitchenHi, I’m Rachel. I want to show you new ways to experience great food – with fresh ingredients, flavors from around the world, and helpful ideas that make it easy to share meals with family and friends. Birdseed Kitchen is the place where I get to share these recipes and ideas with you!

I’m the kid who took forever to arrange a meal on my plate. At least, that’s what my mom tells me.

It makes sense. I love food, and I love design.

Growing up in a small Midwestern town, with a family that gardened, canned, and cooked, it was easy to design a great plate. Our giant garden yielded bushels of fresh produce. (And sometimes, GIANT produce!) We stocked our freezer with beef from the farmer down the road. We bought eggs from the lady in the little white house at the edge of town. (Just leave your money in the basket and take them from the fridge.) My aunt and uncle raised chickens and turkeys, grew apples, and pressed cider. My grandpa cracked black walnuts on the back porch, and planted potatoes every Good Friday. Asparagus grew wild along fence rows, and nobody would think anything of it if you stopped to pick some.

And for a few magical weekends in late spring, if the conditions were just right, you could walk along a hillside timberline and find treasure: wild morel mushrooms.

Today, I live in Champaign, Illinois, one of the great Midwest food towns. Fresh Midwestern produce abounds, and specialty grocery stores from around the globe offer an array of exotic ingredients. It’s a living palette, ripe for creation, and I’m inspired – by the art and science of cooking, and the ability to transform beautiful products of nature into delicious creations.

Welcome! Let’s create something delicious together.