February 2010 • Birdseed Kitchen

Pattern: Straight Up! Leg Warmers

Straight Up! LegwarmersThese flattering, straight-leg leg warmers are designed to cuddle your calves on cool days. They’re great under a skirt, or for stretching out after a chilly run. The top section can be rolled down below the knee, or turned straight up over the knee for extra warmth.

Finishing Tip

If these are too loose around the top or fall down, purchase some elastic beading thread in a coordinating color. Using a tapestry needle, thread the elastic through the stitches about 4 inches from the top. You want it to be near the top of the cuff on the legwarmer when rolled down, but be hidden under the cuff. I went behind each knit stitch, and in front of each purl stitch.

Try it on, pull your elastic snug (but not so tight that it restricts circulation), and tie a knot.

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